Probate is the term for the process of distributing all the assets of a person who has passed away. The system involves the courts, a judge, and many legal documents, and usually unfolds over a period of months or longer. An experienced Florida probate attorney can help you navigate the probate process with greater ease.

The Law Office of Gary M. Landau, located in Coral Springs, Florida, in Broward County, has been handing probate estates all across Florida for many years. Attorney Gary Landau has been a probate lawyer for decades, and he and his experienced paralegals are intimately familiar with everything that might come up during the probate process in every county in the state.

We Probate Estates Everywhere in Florida

Probate clients of our firm can be located anywhere in Florida or outside the state. The county that a probate must be filed in depends on where your deceased love one lived or where the person’s assets are located. Our firm has good relationships with court systems all around the state of Florida to successfully handle all the steps of your probate.

Attorney Gary Landau is happy to conduct a free consultation about your Florida probate needs in person, by phone, or via video conference.

Sensitive to Your Needs

We understand how challenging it is to think about probating a loved one’s estate. Attorney Gary Landau is always sensitive to each client’s emotional needs as well as their legal and financial ones. Moving forward with a probate soon after a person has passed away is never easy, but doing so ensures that you legally acquire the assets your beloved relative or friend wanted you to have.

In many cases, a probate should be done soon after the person’s death. But there are some cases where it makes sense to wait. The Law Office of Gary M. Landau will discuss all aspects of probate law with you and will advise you what timetable makes the most sense for you.

Helping You Understand the Process

Whether the person who passed away had previously worked with an estate planning lawyer and had a valid will or did not, experienced estate attorney Gary Landau will work to enable the estate to pass the assets to family members, friends, and/or charities according to the person’s will or Florida law as swiftly as possible.

The law firm is committed to carefully explaining all aspects of probate to you, so you can feel confident in the process and that your interests are well represented during all the various steps in the probate process.

Various Types of Probate

Florida courts designate several different types of probate, largely depending on the size of the estate and on how long the person is deceased.

The most common types of probate are:

Also, an ancillary administration is needed when the person lived in another state but had property in Florida. In certain rare instances, a disposition without administration can be used.

The Law Office of Gary M. Landau will help you determine which type of probate is right for you.

Get You Your Inheritance as Quickly as Possible

Once you have retained the Law Firm of Gary M. Landau we work hard to ensure that your estate will be probated by the courts as quickly as possible. This holds true whether this is a large estate requiring a full administration or a smaller or older estate using a summary administration.

Of course, all probates are subject to the timetable of the courts. But we do our best to ensure that the probate process is continually moving forward towards a closing.

Most Florida estates are not of large enough size to require paying federal estate taxes. How large the estate needs to be subject to this federal tax changes frequently, but is typically millions of dollars. Estates that require the payment of federal estate taxes do typically take longer to probate.

Who Hires a Florida Probate Attorney

Probate attorneys are hired by anyone with a stake in the estate. This can be the person designated in the will as the personal representative (PR). Or it can be someone who is a beneficiary of the estate or anyone who thinks they may have legal rights to some of the assets in a probated estate.

For example, Florida law grants a share of an estate to a spouse, even if the decedent’s will disinherited you.

Most of the time with Florida estates the probate process goes smoothly. In some cases, though, problems can arise. Having an experienced attorney by your side should this happen can help you best navigate these unfortunate situations.

Don’t Forget to Do Your Own Estate Planning

Dealing with a probate often reminds people why it is important for everyone to plan for the day in the future when they too will pass away. Be sure you have created your own legally valid Florida will and other legal documents so when the time comes well in the future the Florida probate process for your own heirs will proceed smoothly.

You want to work with an experienced Florida wills and trust attorney to prepare those documents so they are legal in the state of Florida. (Here are some tips for how to make a will correctly.)

For a free consultation to learn more about the Law Firm of Gary M. Landau and how we can help with your Florida probate, Contact us by phone or email. Attorney Gary Landau personally returns all calls to him.

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