My Recommended Resources for Grieving

When a beloved relative or friend dies, the depth of grief you feel knows no limits. If the person who passed away is so close to you it’s as if a part of you is gone too, you may wonder how you will ever go on. Read more

Funeral Costs

Can a Person Who Died Pay for Their Own Hospice and Funeral Expenses?

In a sense, yes

 When a person passes away, they almost always have outstanding bills from the hospital, hospice, and/or funeral home.

These bills can be costly. Experts estimate that funerals can cost up to $12,000, while hospital expenses in the last days of life can run tens of thousands more (thankfully, this is often mostly covered by insurance or Medicare). Read more


When Do You NOT Need a New Will?

If you drafted your will a long time ago, you may be thinking it’s time to take it out for review.

You’re right. Reviewing a will every few years is a smart idea and one I regularly recommend to my clients. Read more

Signing Documents

Unpleasant But Necessary Topic: Are All Your Legal Documents in Order?

The sadly high illness and death toll of the novel coronavirus has forced everyone, even young and healthy people, to think about their end-of-life legal documents. Read more

Increasing Home Value

In the New Year, Spend Time Increasing the Value of Your Home Before You Sell

Home prices in South Florida continue to rise. This past summer (the most recent figures available), the median price of single-family homes in Broward rose nearly $10,000, while Palm Beach County saw more than a 4 percent price increase, according to the Sun-Sentinel. Read more