We’ve made it easy for you to draft your will—a crucial document that lays out not only who will get your valuables but who is authorized to act in your interest. After you call or e-mail us to make an appointment, simply fill out the information on our online will worksheet  and send it to us. That will make your time in our office short and painless, while you leave with a personalized will drafted to meet your exact needs.

At the same time that you make your will, we can also draft other necessary forms, including living wills and healthcare surrogate directives.

Your will must specify the personal representative, the individual who handles the process of probating your estate. If you don’t have a family member or friend to fill the role, attorney Gary Landau can fill that role, as he has on numerous occasions.
If you are ready to have the Law Office of Gary M. Landau draft your will, contact us to set up an appointment. Then, if you desire, fill out this worksheet, which will help your appointment go much faster and smoother.



Our office also has tremendous experience drafting living trusts for clients who desire them.