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The Difference Between Arbitration and Mediation

Both arbitration and mediation are faster, and typically much less expensive, ways of resolving real-estate and other disputes than going to court. But the two are very different, and there are pros and cons for each. Here is a short primer on the two approaches. Arbitration Here the parties submit evidence to the arbitrator, a

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Ask Gary Landau

  Question: I am selling my house “as is.” The buyers hired an inspector who found all kinds of needed repairs. Do I have to make them? Answer: A typical “as is” contract gives buyers the right to hire an inspector who must perform his inspection within a certain number of days from the contract’s signing.

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More of Your Real Estate Questions Answered

  Question: My mortgage broker tells me there are many mortgage options. How do I know which to choose? Answer: In recent years there has been an explosion in the number of mortgage types available. You must work with a lender or mortgage broker to determine the loan that is best for you; however, there are some

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Real Estate Questions Answered by Gary Landau

  Question: My real estate agent is urging me to use the title company she recommends. Is there a benefit – or a risk – in doing so? Answer:  Sometimes real estate agents push buyers to use a specific title company to handle the closing. Buyers often don’t know that many of these title companies are actually

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More Real Estate Questions Answered

  Question: My recent closing on a home I was buying was scheduled for 5:00 pm. At 4:00 pm when my bank was closing for the day, I still did not know how much money I needed to bring. I was unnerved and furious. Why couldn’t my closing agent get me a figure hours, or even

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Your Real Estate Questions Answered

    Question: I am selling my house and the closing is set for Friday afternoon. The buyers need to move out of their home Friday morning and want to move their things into my house before the closing.  Since we are closing that afternoon, it seems fine to me. Is there a downside? Answer: It is

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What happens at a real estate title closing?

The closing is the final step before you buy or sell your home. At the closing, all parties review and sign documents related to the mortgage loan and purchase. Many of these documents, especially the important HUD statement, which details all the fees, costs, and charges, are distributed in advance of the closing, so all

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Your real estate questions answered

  Question: My wife and I just saw a home we love, and we want to buy it. However, we have not yet put our house on the market. Given how it is taking longer to sell property these days, is there a way we can still buy our dream house? Answer: With the current status of

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