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Estate Planning for Single Parents

No one with young children wants to think that something might happen to them. But for a single parent, that difficult thought brings on added worries. After all, what will happen to your child should the unthinkable happen. Everyone with children should prepare a will and other important documents. In my law practice in South

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Other Documents You Need To Create Along With Your Will

If you have a will or have been thinking of creating one, don’t forget to also have your attorney draft these other, equally important, documents in the state of Florida: Health Care Surrogate. If you’re in a hospital too sick or unconscious to make treatment decisions for yourself (Should you have surgery? One type of

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Estate Planning: Why Wills Aren’t Just for Princes

The death of the musician Prince is more than just a tragedy of a brilliant life cut way too short. It’s also a reminder that anything can happen at any time, and a cautionary tale for all of us about the importance of drafting a will, no matter how far off death may appear. According

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