When you buy in Broward County or sell in Palm Beach, you are the one who chooses the firm that will be your title/closing agent. Did you know that you can choose the Law Office of Gary M. Landau and not only get all the paperwork the title insurance policy—you also get an experienced lawyer advocating for your interests and making sure your desires are well represented. This is something only a lawyer can offer, and it’s like getting two professional services for the price of one.

Why use an attorney for your real estate transaction? Quite simply, because a real estate purchase or sale is among the biggest transactions most people make. You wouldn’t buy or sell a business or other high-priced object without a lawyer reviewing the terms and watching out for your interests, and you should never do so for your home or office, either.

I always advise clients and potential clients who are buying property to insert “subject to review by my attorney within three days” at the end of the contract you use to present your offer, and then call me to review the terms of the sale. (If you sign without this language, I can’t help you change any terms that are to your disadvantage.) Afterward, I can be your closing agent, handling all aspects of the purchase while, in addition, advocating for you.

I also recommend clients and potential clients who are selling their homes to contact me before you sign the contract. Clients who’ve come to me after the deal is done are dismayed to discover there are often terms in the contract that unnecessarily cost them thousands of dollars.

So whether you’re buying or selling a residential or commercial property, give us a call. We will happily give you a free quote of our fees over the phone.