When you buy a home, you want to be sure legal problems with former owners don’t pop up later. The way to do this is by buying title insurance, paid to an underwriter who takes on the risk if a title problem turns up months or years later. This is a standard fee associated with most Florida real estate deals.

In South Florida, the party who pays title insurance differs by county. In Broward County, the buyer usually pays this fee; in Palm Beach County, the cost generally falls to the seller. For this reason, buyers in Broward and sellers in Palm Beach are the ones who typically choose the closing agent who will handle their deal.

You can select The Law Office of Gary M. Landau and not only get your title insurance policy and all the necessary paperwork to close your deal, you also get an experienced lawyer advocating for your interests and making sure you are well represented. This is something only a lawyer—not a title company—can offer. It’s like getting two professional services for the price of one.

You wouldn’t buy or sell a business or other high-priced object without a lawyer reviewing the terms and watching out for your interests, and you shouldn’t do that with your home or commercial real estate transaction.

Real estate title insurance for the Law Office of Gary M. Landau is underwritten by Old Republic National Title Insurance Co., a longstanding, reputable firm. Because Gary Landau has been working with this company for years, he is often able to close deals that others cannot. His firm can also clear up any cloud on your title—from deed problems to probate issues—that might keep you from otherwise selling your property.

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