Real Estate Closings

Closing is the term used to describe the legal completion of a real estate deal—in other words, the moment when you actually buy or sell your home or commercial property. Closings are best handled by a real estate closing attorney experienced with all the issues that arise during the process.

Experienced South Florida Real Estate Attorney

Located in Coral Springs, Florida, The Law Office of Gary M. Landau has been successfully closing properties in South Florida for decades. Attorney Gary Landau examines the title to ensure that the title is clean and that you are able to complete the deal—or, if any problems are discovered, his office clears up the trouble to allow the sale to happen.

Once the title is clean, the firm’s experienced, pleasant, and detail-oriented staff handle all the steps leading to the closing, from communicating with the banks holding or granting a mortgage, to overseeing that all inspections have been done and problems remedied, and ensuring that taxes have been paid and that there are no liens on the property. All the while, they are watching out for the clients’ interests—ensuring that they are getting everything they are entitled to under the contract and are not being charged unnecessary fees. The firm also prepares all closing documents, and schedules and facilitates the actual closing.

Since Gary Landau likes to be involved right from the start, as a courtesy to clients hiring his firm to handle the closing, he will review your contract for no extra charge before you sign it, to be sure it represents your best interests.

Whether you’re a Realtor, broker, buyer or seller in Broward County or Palm Beach County, The Law Office of Gary Landau is your best bet for facilitating a fast, pleasant and accurate real estate transaction.

Contact us by phone or email for a FREE consultation to learn more about our firm or what we can specifically do for you. Attorney Gary Landau personally returns all calls to him.

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