Purchase Agreements


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Purchase Agreements

Once a buyer and seller sign a real estate purchase agreements, the deal is set in stone. This is why I strongly recommend that all purchase agreements submitted by a Realtor in Florida include a brief attorney review period. Buyers who make an offer, or sellers who receive one can simply write language into the contract to the effect of, “subject to my attorney’s review within three business days.”

When an attorney reviews the purchase agreement, they will not only check that the purchase price and legal description are correct, they will ensure you fully understand all of the terms, including the timetable, what happens if you don’t get a mortgage, whether the seller will be required to make repairs identified during the inspection, and the like. If there are clauses in the contract you are not happy with, the attorney can negotiate them for you. Or, especially if you are not using a Realtor, the attorney can draft the entire purchase contract for you.

What is a Real Estate Purchase Agreement?

The purpose of a real estate purchase agreement is to clearly and legally lay out the agreement between the buyer and the seller. Under most state laws, this contract must be in writing and signed by both parties. Like all contracts, it must include what is being purchased and the money (known as “consideration”) that will be exchanged.

A real estate contract typically includes these elements:

  • An accurate description of the address of the property being sold
  • The purchase price
  • How much of a deposit is required when the contract is signed
  • What date the sale must be completed by
  • Essential contingencies. These can include a buyer financing clause (in many contracts, the buyer has a certain number of days to get a mortgage; after that period has passed if he hasn’t cancelled the deal he is required to buy the home for cash); how many days the buyer has to inspect the property and back out if he is unhappy; whether the sale is “as is,” meaning the seller is not required to repair issues found in an inspection, and the like.

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When you sell your home in Palm Beach County, Florida, or buy one in Coral Springs, in most cases you get to choose your closing agent. Selecting the Law Office of Gary M. Landau means you’ll have a lawyer representing your legal interests throughout the deal, something a title company does not do, in addition to providing the title insurance and handling the closing. This gives you extra services for no additional money.

Since real estate is the biggest investment most people make, it’s important that you choose the right professional to handle your closing.


If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in South Florida, you may wonder about the steps involved. An experienced closing attorney will walk you through the process and carefully explain all the steps leading to a successful closing. These include:


Title insurance is a policy that protects you from legal problems that can arise after a purchase. In Coral Springs, Florida, a new buyer typically pays for title insurance, while in Palm Beach County the seller does. The Law Office of Gary M. Landau, P.A. provides title insurance for all deals we close. Buyers or sellers get the same insurance they get from a title company and also get peace of mind knowing an attorney is looking out for their interests.


Refinancing your home requires a similar type of closing as a new home purchase, with a closing agent overseeing the various legal elements and paperwork. Your lender may ask you to use their closing agent for your refinancing, but under Florida law you can select any closing agent you desire.

Choosing the Law Office of Gary M. Landau, P.A. can save you money on your title insurance premium during refinancing if you have a prior owner’s title policy from when you purchased your home.

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