Clearing Liens

You’re about to buy a new home or sell the one you own when your real estate attorney tells you that you have an open lien on the property, and that you can’t sell it until it is closed. What does this mean lien removals?

A lien is a legally enforceable judgment placed against a property. The government can place a lien on your home if you’re behind in your taxes, a court can order a lien if you’ve lost a case involving money in court, and a contractor who does work on your home can file a lien if you have not paid, among others.

NOTE: A home that has a lien on it cannot be sold until the lien removals.

Often, this is done by paying what you owe, or by working with the people the money is owed to to create a payment plan. The Law Office of Gary M. Landau often gets involved in this, to speed up the process of removing the lien.

Sometimes, a lien has been improperly placed and can be removed by a judge. This would happen if the lien-holder failed to properly send notification of the judgment or missed other steps, including improperly citing the amount or the property description or passing any deadlines.

Our attorneys will examine your lien on your South Florida property and all supporting documents and give you legal advice on how best to resolve the situation.

Contact us by phone or email for a FREE consultation to learn more about The Law Office of Gary M. Landau and how we can help you with your real estate lien issues, or other issues involving real estate, including your property’s purchase or sale. We provide assistance with construction liens, state tax liens, federal tax liens, judgment liens, contractor liens, as well as other liens that affect real estate property. Attorney Gary Landau personally returns all calls to him.

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