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Florida Estate Planning Checklist

The new year is always a good time to take stock of your estate plans and be sure they are up to date. You’ll want to leave your affairs in the best shape possible so when the time inevitably comes (hopefully many years from now), your family will be financially protected. Here is a quick

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How to Revoke a Revocable Trust | Coral Springs, FL | 954-419-5501

How to Revoke a Revocable Trust

Maybe you set up your revocable trust as a married couple before you got divorced. Perhaps you’ve decided to change who the successor trustee will be. Or maybe you’ve decided it’s too much work to keep putting newly acquired assets into the revocable trust (also called a living trust). Whatever your reason, if you decide

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5 Reasons You Should Not Have a DIY Will | Coral Springs, FL

5 Reasons You Should Not Have a DIY Will

You can download just about anything online these days: movies, games, and even a do-it-yourself will. But, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it, and a DIY Will definitely falls in that latter category. Even if you think your estate is simple, there are often things you don’t consider. As

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What is a Pour-Over Will?

Wikipedia gives this definition of a pour-over will: “A pour-over will is a testamentary device wherein the writer of a will creates a trust, and decrees in the will that the property in his or her estate at the time of his or her death shall be distributed to the Trustee of the trust.” Huh?

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Estate Planning for Single Parents

No one with young children wants to think that something might happen to them. But for a single parent, that difficult thought brings on added worries. After all, what will happen to your child should the unthinkable happen. Everyone with children should prepare a will and other important documents. In my law practice in South

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New Document Available To Denote Your Last Emotional Wishes

As a probate law firm in Florida, we speak to many clients who have just lost a loved one and were at a loss to know what their dying relative had wanted from them towards the end of their life. That’s why we developed My Last Emotional Wishes. This free document allows everyone—whether currently diagnosed

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The Legal Documents You Should Create In the New Year

Now that we’ve turned the page to 2017, it’s a good time to assess the legal documents you should have, and update or create the ones you are missing.  While this may not be as sexy or exciting as some other resolutions, it is very important for your family and your finances. These are the

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Top Misconceptions of a Living Will

A “Living Will” is not the same thing as a Will. The latter directs where your stuff should go. The former tells your family and your doctor how aggressively they should care for you at the end of your life, such as whether you want to be put on life support. Here are some other

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Is It Necessary to Try to Avoid Probate?

Clients sometimes come to me hoping to set up their estate in a way that will avoid probate after their death. Occasionally, especially if they have limited assets, this can easily be done, such as by created a ladybird deed for a home that adds another person to the deed. Often, though, especially with more

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How To Contest A Will In The State of Florida

While it’s hard to get a probate judge to overturn a will (or a portion of a will) in the state of Florida, it is possible. You have to provide enough evidence to prove your case, and you must launch a challenge before the probate proceeding is completed (in the first 3 months of being

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