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How To Have A Smooth Real Estate Closing When You’re the Seller

Sellers of real estate property often think their work is finished when the contract is signed. But until you’ve handed over the keys, and your closing attorney has handed over the deed, there are still things you need to focus on: 1)   Title issues. If your closing agent/attorney turns up any problems, or “clouds” on

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What an Attorney Does That a Title Company Doesn’t

You’re about to purchase a new home or sell your old one, and you wonder whether you need an attorney or can “get away” using only a title company (as your Realtor may tell you). For little to no extra cost and much peace of mind, using an attorney to handle your closing usually makes

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The New Form You’ll Find at Your Next Closing

If you last bought or sold your property more than 8 months ago, you may be surprised the next time you’re at a real estate closing. That’s because last October, the longstanding HUD-1 closing form was replaced by something called a Closing Disclosure, or CD. The new form is part of a larger revamp brought

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Big changes coming to real estate closings October 3

Thanks to regulations stemming from the Dodd-Frank legislation, big changes are coming to residential real estate closings on deals initiated after October 3rd. The changes affect everyone from clients to banks to closing agents and Realtors. The biggest changes buyers and sellers will notice include: Buyers taking a mortgage will now receive a “closing disclosure”

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What happens at a real estate title closing?

The closing is the final step before you buy or sell your home. At the closing, all parties review and sign documents related to the mortgage loan and purchase. Many of these documents, especially the important HUD statement, which details all the fees, costs, and charges, are distributed in advance of the closing, so all

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Once you sign the deal, you’re on your way to buying or selling a home. However, several steps must occur for this transaction to be completed. They are: Closing attorney (or title company) contacts seller’s current mortgage(s) to get package for paying off loan. If the deal is for a condo,  approval of new buyer

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