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What is a Homestead? | Coral Springs, FL | Call 954-419-5501

What is a Homestead?

Think of the word homestead and pioneering families heading west to settle the land likely come to mind. But in real estate, the word has a different meaning. A homestead is your primary residence, which in many states is given an exemption from a portion of property taxes, or is even shielded from some liability.

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Real Estate Closing Horror Stories | Coral Springs, FL | 954-419-5501

Real Estate Closing Horror Stories

In the spirit of the Halloween season, we thought it would be fun to turn our attention to real-estate closing horror stories—for the amusement of Realtors, as well as home buyers and sellers. (They’re interesting stories, as long as they didn’t happen to you!) Thankfully, most real estate closings occur without a glitch. Occasionally, small

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How To Have A Smooth Real Estate Closing When You’re the Seller

Sellers of real estate property often think their work is finished when the contract is signed. But until you’ve handed over the keys, and your closing attorney has handed over the deed, there are still things you need to focus on: 1)   Title issues. If your closing agent/attorney turns up any problems, or “clouds” on

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Why You Should Use a Realtor for Your Real Estate Deal

Real estate buyers or sellers sometimes think that bypassing a Realtor is a smart move. But after years as a real-estate attorney in South Florida, I can tell you that in most cases it is not. An experienced Realtor brings a lot to a real estate deal that home buyers and sellers can’t adequately provide

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Money Wiring Scams Are Hitting South Florida Real Estate Closings

In recent years, a growing number of shocking hacks into Realtors’ and closing agents’ email accounts have led to changes in how sellers and buyers should send wiring instructions for their real estate deals in South Florida. Here’s what’s going on: • Hundreds of thousands of dollars in proceeds have vanished the moment the closing

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What Buyers Must Do After Signing A Real Estate Contract

It’s an exciting time for a homebuyer when you find the home of your dreams and that final “T” is crossed and the real estate contract is signed. As soon as that happens, however, there are steps that a buyer must take right away. Here is a quick checklist for after the contract is signed:

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What Are Your Options If Your Real Estate Deal Goes Sour?

Once a real estate contract is signed, everyone hopes the deal will end with a buyer getting the keys to their beautiful new home and the seller walking away with a profitable check. Occasionally, however, a deal falls apart after the contract is signed. Maybe the buyer’s financing doesn’t come through, or the appraisal comes

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Homestead Exemptions for 2017–What You Must Do Now

With the end of the year rolling around, now is the time to set yourself up for a Florida homestead exemption for the next tax year.  Starting next year, this exemption gives permanent residents a deduction of  $50,000 from your home’s assessed value, as well as qualifying you for additional benefits. If you have lived

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Understanding Special Assessments When Buying or Selling a Condo

It’s one of the worst things that can happen in the middle of a real estate deal: the condo association issues a special assessment on the unit. Who is responsible for paying what may be a very hefty fee? The answer is, it depends. Special assessments are levied in Florida under the authority of the

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