Cyber Crime

Could a Cyberattack Cripple Real Estate Closings in South Florida?

What do real estate closings have to do with international cyberwar? It turns out they are indeed linked, as the residents of Baltimore trying to buy or sell their homes in recent months have discovered. Read more

A Home Mortgage Primer

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently posted an article on mortgages for homebuyers, especially people buying for the first time. I thought the article and the links inserted (including a useful checklist linked at the end) offer good food for thought.

Here is a reprint of the article, which you can find at Read more


When Does It Pay to Wait to Probate

In Florida, as in many other states, you can begin a probate for a deceased relative or friend as soon as the person passes away. Often, there are sound reasons for starting the probate as soon as several days or weeks. But sometimes, it is smarter to wait.

Starting early means the estate can begin the process of inventorying assets and putting up the person’s house for sale. And because probate can take months or longer, the sooner it is started, the quicker the heirs can get their inheritance. Read more

Real Estate Taxes

At Tax Time, Be Glad Florida Has Low Real Estate Taxes

Lately, the national news has been filled with people who are discovering that the new tax law has them paying more to Uncle Sam than they previously had to pay. As we enter the height of tax season, many of us here in Florida are not among those people, due to our relatively low property tax and other state taxes. Read more


Why Does It Take So Long to Close on a New Home?

You have finally reached a deal to buy or sell your home, and you’re eager to get to closing. Then your attorney/closing agent tells you that will happen in approximately one month.

Why, you wonder, does it take so long? Read more