Living Will

This Holiday, Give Thanks to Your Parents If They Have Taken Care of Their Affairs

And if they haven’t yet made a will, living will, and other end-of-life decisions, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to discuss this

As your family gathers around the holiday table this Thanksgiving, give your parents a big thank-you if they have taken care of their late-in-life affairs. No matter your parents’ health or their age, anyone who ponders difficult end-of-life decisions is giving a huge gift to their family and deserves your thanks. Read more

Real Estate Contract

Why an Attorney Should Always Look at Your Florida Real Estate Contract

Everyone knows that to buy or sell a home in South Florida, you have to sign a contract. But what most people don’t realize is that each contract is unique. You shouldn’t rush to sign your contract before you’re clear what you are agreeing to. Read more


What to Do—And Not Do—When You Get an Inheritance

Whether you’re left a lot of money from an inheritance or a smaller amount, receiving cash unexpectedly can leave people dizzy with possibilities. Can you finally take that European vacation you’ve always dreamed of? Buy a hot convertible? Quit your job? Read more

Condo FHA Loans

More South Florida Condo Buyers May Be Able to Get FHA Loans

Loans from the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) can be a great way for first-time buyers to purchase a home, since they require a much smaller down-payment than typical home lenders do. But buying a condominium (rather than a single-family home) with an FHA loan has been nearly impossible, because only a tiny fraction of condo projects has received the approvals needed by the FHA. Read more

Previously Married With Kids? Make Sure You’re Leaving Your Home to Those You Intend

Pretty much every week I meet with a couple who have been married previously, who want to be sure their will is up to date. Ensuring that a will and other important documents that you drafted years ago are current is a valuable exercise, one I recommend couples do regularly. (More on this below.)

But married couples who have children from a prior relationship need to look beyond their will to consider what is likely their most important asset: their home. 

And that requires a close look at your deed.  Read more