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Probate is the court process after someone passes away which administers the distribution of the decedent’s assets. Typically a personal representative is appointed who will administer the estate, pay creditors and ultimately disburse the assets to the rightful beneficiaries.

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Wills and trusts are legal instruments executed by a person in a manner prescribed by law, which sets forth how he or she wants the estate to be distributed after he/she passes away, and also appoints a Trustee or a Personal Representative to administer the estate.

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Real estate transactions –such as an agreement between a buyer and a seller,  is governed by contract law. Many issues can arise during a real estate transaction which requires the knowledge and expertise of a lawyer.

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Title insurance is a one time premium generally paid at closing which protects the purchaser against losses caused by invalid title or by claims by third parties related to the property.

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Mediation is a process by which parties to a lawsuit or other conflict attempt to settle their differences before a neutral unbiased third party, called a mediator.

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